LOVE NOTES from some of our past TPIM couples.

" We worked with Lara for full planning for 9 months for our 40 person wedding, and I could not be more pleased with her service. Also, as a person, she is the best! Chelsea is too! From the beginning, I had an ever changing list of ideas, from amount of guests to if we even wanted a ceremony, and she was by my side supporting me through all of it. On our wedding day I truly felt I could reflect back on our planning journey and how everything evolved from that first phone call, and so much of it is credit to her. She took my (6 page!) vision board and helped make it a reality. We had several meetings, phone calls, tastings, countless texts, emails and google docs. And I actually enjoyed wedding planning! As an anxious bride, it was SO HELPFUL to have someone to ask 1000 questions who was happy to answer, and always new the answer. I’ll never forget the day she said to me “it’s okay to be doing nothing.” I felt so calmed with her in control of everything, and it allowed me to enjoy the day fully, even if things didn’t go exactly to plan (that’s just life!). I never worried that a thing wouldn’t work out, and I knew she had it. We had our wedding and our reception at a place that had never held a wedding and it was no easy task to coordinate with them, but she made it all happen. Her referrals saved us money, and those were the vendors that were my absolute favorite. Our guests had a great time, and every bit of it from the setup to the clean up was what I wanted. Hiring her helped me and my family enjoy my wedding day 100% and I would absolutely recommend hiring a coordinator to anyone and everyone."

Hillary & Matthew

"Lara and her team are simply the best! It had been recommended to me to hire a day-of-coordinator for our wedding, but at first I didn't really think it was needed. Our wedding wasn't in a raw space after all and doesn't the venue take care of everything? Let me tell you, I was completely wrong. The people at the venue (while they were great) work for the venue, not for you. There are so many details, decisions, questions, situations and random things that come up in planning your wedding (regardless if it is in a raw space or not) and having Lara there to guide me and help me through the process was life saving. From vendor recommendations (I used many of them and all were fabulous!) to tipping guidelines to how to handle guest situations, she was always there with an answer and a way to help. She is so easy to talk to and has a very calming demeanor. She coordinated our entire day of timeline, our vendors arrival and setup, all of our day of pieces (signage, escort cards, guest book etc) and disassembly at the end of the night. Our day was so smooth. Everyone always tells you "oh one thing will always go wrong", but I can say with Lara helping us not one thing went wrong. Our day was absolutely perfect. I highly recommend!

LAuren & Pedro

"Lara was a phenomenal Day of Coordinator for our 140 person wedding at The Greenpoint Loft in Brooklyn. She took care of everything — setting up the venue exactly as we hoped (including laying out a rather convoluted 30-photo gallery with captions) — and worked with all our vendors so that we had nothing to worry about on the day. During set-up, she even ran out to buy bitters (for our signature cocktail) from a store when she noticed they were missing. And, at the end of the night, Lara made sure the event was broken down and cleaned up. Lara managed the flow of the evening and kept us on schedule. She made everything happen — from cueing each member of the wedding party to walk down the aisle, to giving family members a few minutes notice before their speeches, to calling up tables to the buffet, to making sure there were two chairs handy for us to dance the Hora. Lara was meticulously efficient, and she used her copious knowledge and talent to organize a truly perfect evening. She was also a joy to work with. A quick glance at her website made it clear that she was experienced at organizing the type of wedding we wanted, and when we spoke on the phone, Lara put me at ease with her competence and professionalism. At our “walkthrough” and again at the wedding, Lara was calm and warm, and our day would not have been nearly as special without her work. Lara and her team are fantastic at their jobs, and I warmly recommend The Privilege is Mine.

Jasmin & Paul

"Where do I begin with The Privilege is Mine- well, first of all having Lara with us through the wedding process was a damn privilege for us! We hired Lara as our Day of Coordinator for our magical day at the Asbury Hotel. If you think this service is something you may want, do not hesitate. It made the whole day run smooth as butter. Let's begin with Lara- not only is she just one of the most kind people I've had the pleasure of meeting- she is also extremely professional and beyond organized in every way. When we received an e-mail from Lara that had our day of timeline attached, it made the entire wedding day feel oh so real & less overwhelming. Her perfect way of organizing the day & reaching out to each one of your vendors to make sure everyone was on the same page is absolutely amazing. Her attention to detail and making stock of your personal items so that she can place them in the exact place you imagined puts you at complete ease. Leading up to the day, our venue walk through with her did not disapoint. She asked integral questions & truly listened. She noticed so many details and sought answers for me that made a huge difference on the big day. All of this was spectacular, but the little moments are what really stood out to me. She was there to fix my veil and walk me to my groom, where we saw one another for the first time. Her husband ( who also assisted the day of and was a complete and total pleasure to work with) ran all the way from the hotel to the beach to deliver sparklers for our golden hour photos. His calm presence and willingness was so greatly appreciated. Lara fixed my train and gave me the most beautiful pep talk right before I walked out to my ceremony. I can't say enough amazing things about her, but most of all her beautiful spirit and positivity makes her someone you need on the biggest day of your life! Thank you thank you so much to Lara and Matt for everything!

christiana & AJ

"Lara was incredible and we could not have done it without her. We hired Lara for our NYC Garden wedding ceremony. The garden provided a wedding coordinator, a back-up wedding coordinator and 5 volunteers, the garden assured me that I did not need to hire a separate wedding planner or coordinator and they would handle it all. In the back of my mind, I felt that I truly needed a leader to see my vision through and to ensure the day went smoothly. We met with Lara and hired her for day of coordination and extra preparations. Lara was a major life saver throughout the wedding ceremony planning process. We met for a site visit and automatically had a huge relief having her with us. She helped us with our timeline, she helped with any last minute vendors we didn’t have, she talked us through alternate weather plans, she reassured us, Lara was always there when we truly needed her and she did a great job. She was always there at crunch time to resolve any issues that arose. The day of the wedding, both of the dedicated garden wedding coordinators no-showed on us, if we had not hired Lara, the wedding would have been a disaster. The volunteers that were present were really no help at all. Lara pulled everything together on her own and managed in the unpredictable situations. We are SO thankful that we had Lara with us on the wedding day, she was so easy to work with and really calm throughout the whole process which helped us remain calm and enjoy the day!"

kristen & Luke

"We hired Lara for our Day Of Coordination and also had her officiate our wedding. Lara worked with us to write our ceremony which was full of love, modern yet timeless words and really touched upon who we are as a couple. On the day of the wedding, there were a lot of moments of chaos, many personalities, and of course things that didn’t go as planned but Lara kept calm which kept us calm and always stayed on course. She didnt worry us with details but instead took care of the matters at hand in a very professional way. I’m a very organized and detailed person and after talking and meeting with Lara, I really trusted her to take care of all of the details that mattered to me on our wedding day. The reception and cocktail hour space was perfectly set up, the vendors all worked so well together because of Lara’s tight communication. Lara was there to manage times throughout the day when our families requests didn’t match ours and she advocated and focused on our needs on the day of while remaining completely respectful and professional. We wish we could relive the day all over again but are so thankful Lara was a vital part of our special day!!"

Jenna & Austin

"My husband and I had Lara on board for partial planning as well as playing the very special role of our officiant for our wedding. Having her with us as we planned the wedding was one of the best decisions we made. From the very start, Lara was very responsive and made me feel instantly at ease. Anything we asked was never too much and she somehow managed to know exactly what we wanted before we even knew. We were planning our wedding in NYC from the UK so having Lara in our corner to liaise with suppliers was key to maintaining our sanity and lifted so much stress from our shoulders because we knew we could trust her. She was extremely accommodating with her schedule when we visited NYC which we truly appreciated- one of our favorite memories of wedding planning was spending an entire day with her from the venue walk through to the tasting with our caterer in the evening. Having her play the dual role of planner + officiant was truly so special because she got to know us through the wedding planning process which helped to make our ceremony incredibly personal and unique. My husband and I were blown away by how she tailored the ceremony to perfectly describe us and how we felt about each other and marriage. It was the absolute best part of our day and wouldn't have been the same if we didn't have her as our officiant. I know a lot of people say this, but our wedding day was the best day of our lives - I know for a fact it wouldn't have been as incredible and seamless if we didn't have Lara and her colleague Erin to ensure everything went to plan. I can't say enough how grateful we are to Lara for being there for us through what was one of the most stressful times in our lives - it was like having a good friend helping you along the way. Please do yourself a favor and have Lara join you on your wedding journey- it will be one of the best decisions you make! Thank you Lara & Erin! M&P!"

mia & phil

"I am so glad that I found Lara. When my now husband and I got engaged, we decided to have the wedding sooner rather than later - we gave ourselves four months to plan a 170-person, 3-event wedding. Not only that, but because my husband and I come from different backgrounds (he is Sikh Indian and my family is of Catholic and Presbyterian/European heritage), the wedding had a lot of moving parts: i.e. a morning Sikh ceremony in Queens that required bus transportation for the guests, followed by a western ceremony and reception in the evening at Dobbin St. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, which included all kinds of challenging details such as a wind-sensitive rooftop tent, a complete room flip between the ceremony and dinner, two surprise dance performances, and a drum performance. Lara handled these extra complexities with grace and a constant we-can-totally-do-this attitude. Our wedding was 100% "us." Our personalities shined through every unique detail, and we have Lara to thank for that. She was able to help me find vendors that matched exactly what I was looking for: the perfect funky flowers, the most delicious catered food I've ever had, a DJ who read the room like a pro...I could go on and on. We never would have been able to put together such a perfect team of vendors without Lara. A few friends and family members had told me before my wedding that I wouldn't remember any of it because the day goes by so quickly and I would be so preoccupied with the stress of it all...for me, that was not at all the case. I remember all of it, every single amazing moment. That is perhaps the greatest gift I received from Lara: I was able to be fully present with my husband and guests on my wedding day because I didn't have to think about anything else; Lara had everything completely under control."

Laura & Jim

CAIT & Frank

"We hired The Privilege is Mine for partial planning after meeting Lara at Wedding Crashers Fair in Brooklyn in 2018. It was the best decision we made for our big day and the months leading up to it. I had previously reached out to a few other wedding planners and felt completely discouraged. I was told our budget was not enough for an NYC wedding. On my first phone chat with Lara, she understood the vibe we were going for and worked with us to create the wedding we envisioned. Her mission, “no couple left behind”, is one she holds true to in every aspect. She was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire planning process. From emails, to in-person meetings, to coordinating all of our vendors, she was on-point. We are pretty particular about the energy we let into our lives and Lara radiated a calm that was indispensable during this time. Even when issues came up, she kept us centered and focused on the vision we had given her from day one. She moved mountains, and I honestly believe some rain clouds too, to make sure we had our ceremony outside, which was so important to both of us. Married friends and family kept telling us how fast the day would go by, that we wouldn’t even get to sit down and eat our food. With Lara coordinating the day-of, we had a chance to take in every moment, every hug, every laugh, every dance, all the food and all of the love from our family and friends. Our day was flawless and there is no better gift that anyone could have given us."